Photo Stills from Karate Film Café

Burton Jespersen returns - fresh from his role as Henry Lime - to play the Hollywood version of an Apache Chief...

Patricia Harrison plays "The Baton Twirling Champion Of The World."

That's Sarah Rosenkrantz playing "Annie" at the bar - about to jump out of her seat. Roberta Bianchini as "Gina" behind the bar in the red top.
On Stage is Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz - playing themselves as Bright Blue Gorilla.

Roberta Bianchini as "Gina" in one of her many mood-swings.

The funeral usher is played by Grey Schmidt. Who is that in the coffin?

Denis Aubert (left) plays "Maurice", Josh T. Ryan plays "Jeff" and Sarah Rosenkrantz plays "Annie".

Brian Joseph plays "Stew" in Karate Film Café. He also co-wrote the song, "I'm Allergic (to Everything But You)" with Bright Blue Gorilla.
Stew performs it in the film.